20.04 2020

Why go on a pilgrimage ?

Peace Pilgrimage
Image Why go on a pilgrimage ?

In the daily news, it is no longer surprising to hear cases of violence, conflicts, and wars among family members and relatives, civilians, and ethnic groups. Despite the efforts made by spiritual leaders, religious people, politicians and any other authority to promote harmony in the world we live in, it is sad to keep hearing about violence.

Sometimes, within the community where we live, the inhabitants do not get along well with one another, and engage in serious fights. This is possibly due to the lack of concern over spiritual life. In the modern society, people have become so engrossed in their survival that they cannot have a peaceful time for themselves and their family. This is why it is necessary to go on pilgrimage.

The peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, for example, has traveled on several spiritual retreats to attain inner peace. Going on pilgrimage is an opportunity to enhance one's spiritual development and accomplish peace within. Explore the reasons why it is necessary to go on a spiritual journey.

Pilgrimage enhances self-development

Every day, there is not much time left to focus on the development of the inner self. This is because we spend very long hours each day doing our daily tasks and work. Unless we go on a spiritual retreat, we won't have the opportunity to fully engage in our self-development. This consists of learning new life skills like forgiveness, tolerance, and living in harmony. The objective is to get rid of all bad habits to make room for good qualities.

Pilgrimage develops spiritual enlightenment

Daily life constraints and worries often prevent us from deeply understanding our religious beliefs and principles. Going on pilgrimage is an occasion to deepen your understanding of what you believe in. This is the time to have a special connection to God and improve your spiritual life.

By focusing all your attention on spiritual life, you can transcend above the physical man and become a free-thinker. Your mind is no longer limited to the physical life and the visible matters; instead, you can fully transcendent into the spiritual world.

Pilgrimage promotes inner peace

Going on pilgrimage enables us to discover how some important spiritual leaders have transcended from their divine journey and become fulfilled individuals. In his teachings, the peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, highlights the importance of developing one's inner strengths to promote peace in the world. This implies that each individual is fully responsible for the establishment of harmony in the world we live in.

Learning to live in society through pilgrimage

Living in harmony with other people is no easy task, especially if you are used to living alone. This is due to cultural discrepancies, differences in interests and in how we understand things. By living in society with the other participants, you can learn about the value of mutual help. Besides, it is a good opportunity to instill tolerance in you, which is quite challenging to achieve if you are not used to accept differences. Pilgrimage develops your ability to understand.

If you are ready to go on a spiritual journey but do not know how and where, The Prem Rawat Foundation can help you give some help and guide you throughout your pilgrimage.