International Peace Pilgrimage

Image International Peace Pilgrimage

There are different ways to fight war and cultivate peace. Some people like Prem Rawat have decided to come as real ambassadors and work around the world with the Prem Rawat Foundation, others have chosen to create and integrate organizations like the International Peace Pilgrimage.

What is the International Peace Pilgrimage?

The International Peace Pilgrimage is an international movement which organized ten peace marches in Europe and the United States between 1984 and 1992. Its primary goal is to alert the population to nuclear damage in the world but especially after The Second World War.

Each pilgrimage is marked by a moment of walking and praying for peace but above all for stopping or making the best use of nuclear energy for purposes other than war. The movements of the International Peace Pilgrimage are also organized and thought to be made around the nuclear theme. Pilgrimages therefore often take place in places that have a nuclear symbol, a symbol of peace or even a religious symbol.

A response to nuclear disasters

Almost 70 years have passed since the nuclear damage of World War II. The world was particularly affected by the bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Indigenous people in Australia have also been affected by nuclear weapons tests in Maralinga and Emu Junction for more than 50 years.

Currently with the threats of World War III but mostly because of the fear of what might happen, the nuclear industry is developing like never before. The uranium race increases tenfold every day, nuclear reactors are built in just a few months, tens of thousands of people around the world feed on irradiated food but above all nuclear weapons have today become common in war use.

This hellish nuclear cycle is not only the cause of serious environmental problems, but has a long-term impact on the health of the population around nuclear power plants. Not to mention the weapons tests that have already disseminated an entire Aboriginal population in Australia. With the fear of nuclear weapons too, peace is hanging by a thread. With the millions of euros and dollars invested in nuclear power, poverty would surely already be at its lowest percentage, but above all, there would be more for peace.

It is therefore with a view to combating this inequality, this misuse of arms, but above all to establish peace in the world that the International Peace Pilgrimage acts. With its activities, it aims for a more lenient future towards nuclear use for armaments and in the long term, a nuclear-free future benefiting the population as well as the environment.

Alert the world peacefully

One of the characteristics of the International Peace Pilgrimage also is that it acts peacefully through the pilgrimage walks and visits it organizes. As a result, it alerts the world to the effects of nuclear power, but above all to the importance of peace today. And the organization touched the population.

As proof, thousands of people participated in the marches around the world. Gathering children, adolescents and adults, pilgrimage marches brought together people from different backgrounds, religions and origins fighting for the same cause of peace.